Enterprise Wallet


It is our utmost pleasure to present the new “Enterprise Wallet,” it has been completely redesigned from the bottom up with improved functionality, ease of use, and a great new feel.

Find the new features highlighted below:

  • A redesigned graphic user interface (GUI)

  • Two themes: light and dark

  • Address Book function

  • Contacts list

  • More details about transactions

  • Transaction verification via Factom Explorer or Local Explorer

  • QR codes for FCT and EC addresses

  • Ability to import/export transactions to file

  • Ability to import/export private keys

  • Coin-control features such as specific or multiple input addresses for new transactions

  • Address generation from a “seed” in case you lose your wallet you can re-generate your addresses from the seed

  • Seed export to file function

  • Ability to use Encrypted or Unencrypted Wallets

Here it is in all its glory!

Light Theme

Light Theme

Dark Theme

Dark Theme